~~Events for 2015:

~~Operation Hindenberg Fundraisder  - 23-24-25 Oct

~~Dove Hunt - 17 Oct ​

~~Doe/Deer Hunt - 4-5 Dec


Events Scheduled: 

~~American Patriot Outfitters addresses the needs of the veteran participants by creating an experience for veterans at an extremely low, or no cost. Donated services and facilities are brought together to create an environment where the veteran can participate in outdoor activities in a positive and memorable way.  We need your help in growing these events so even more may participate!  All funds go back to events to support the veterans.

APO - Who We Are...

 American Patriot Outfitters Foundation (APO) is Veterans helping Veterans.  We are dedicated to help veterans by hosting  outdoor events (hunting, fishing, boating, horseback riding, camping, hiking, skydiving, etc...) in order to rehabilitate the mind, body, and soul and foster a sense of camaraderie and wellbeing for all current and honorably discharged veterans who have sacrificed in the line of duty, no matter what era.

    American Patriot Outfitters Foundation Veteran Non Profit since 2014

The need is clear - As our veterans return home they bring back important stories to tell. Stories of adventures and pain...

The U.S. military has been performing continuous operations in response to the Global War on Terror since the attacks of September 11, 2001. The high tempo and duration of these operations has created a high number of veterans who have seen combat as a result of their service. While great strides have been made in assisting these veterans with reintegrating into life at home, there is often a sense of separation from the camaraderie these veterans shared during their deployments.

This is where American Patriot Outfitters Foundation bridges the gap. Our veterans have given of themselves to us, let’s show them our support by providing the best Outdoor Adventure Programs!    Help us by donating today...